Maruti Suzuki, a company that has enjoyed the top spot in the Indian automobile industry has yet again achieved a new milestone by selling over 2 lakh units online with over about 21 lakh digital inquiries since 2019.

Maruti Suzuki achieves sales record

As from the recent trend, we have noticed that for any product be it as small as groceries and as big as houses people are shifting from offline marketing to online marketing, seeing this pattern Maruti is the first car company to successfully adapt to this market change with establishing the largest online program covering about 1000 dealerships all over the country, as claimed by the carmakers on Monday. The positive output of this action is quite visible for the company with having approximately 5-times to about 22% increase of the total sales, which in this pandemic period has increased about 33% during last 5 months.

Every Maruti Suzuki car in sale

The Executive Director of Marketing & Sales of Maruti Suzuki India tells the complete story of achieving this milestone, he says that about 90% of the sales these days are influenced directly or indirectly by the internet as per the report of google auto gear shift India 2020. The customer before buying the car now does a thorough detail search about the car and compares it in many aspects before buying it for which the customer looks for a trusted dealer, not the online portal. The online experience may give a wide range of information but at the final step, the customer always seeks to make the deal with a trusted dealer. He also says that the customer who seeks our digital inquiries tend to buy the car within 10 days of the enquire. Since the introduction of this online channel in 2018, the company has witnessed a 3-fold increase in enquiries and has received over 2 lakh unit sales since April 2019.

He also adds that the online portal has received over twice as many clicks than previously on the ‘Near me’ button which signifies that the customers quite frequently try to find dealers near them to assure a safe and reliable buy and our platform has been quite efficient to deliver so. This trend has seen a recent surge in the last 2 years.