Maruti Suzuki Omni was one of the most successful cars made by the company to date and was also popular as the Kidnapping Van of India. Although being such a success the car wasn’t the best in terms of looks as well as safety and comfort as the car was typically built like a MUV. The Omni wasn’t even good in terms of safety for the driver sat closest to the point of impact if the car was to be hit from the front. Listening to these drawbacks can you even imagine this car acting as an off-roading car, if not then prepare to be amazed as an Andhra Pradesh based customizer @holyshiftofficial has modified an old Maruti Suzuki Omni into a proper off-roading compatible car which is even far badass than our stock kidnapping van.

Talking about the modifications, for the front this Omni is fitted with a bull bar welded together to an exterior roll cage that runs around the whole of the car giving it the safety that the original car lacked, the bull-bar also carries a set of 6 yellow floodlights two sitting over the bar and other four above the windshield on the roll cage. The headlamps also seem to be custom LED fitted ones rather than the stock halogen ones.

At the sides, the car gets large 18–20-inch wheels which are extended outwards along with large fenders which look more like steps rather than fenders and are also fitted with a lift kit to provide sufficient room for them. To provide easy ingress and egress a pair of steps have also been added to both sides along with a fuel tank holder at the right. The doors have also been changed to lift vertically rather than slide.

The rear of the car has been kept rather simple, while the only visible change we can notice is a tailboard made up of metal bars with an aluminium sheet between them that provides ease for loading and unloading. Apart from those, the interior and mechanical parts most likely remain the same as no information has been shared by them.

Maruti Omni modified

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