A few months back Mahindra encountered a decline in its market share in its home country, and since then the carmaker has been pushing the boundaries to overcome its decline. Some of its upcoming works include the soon to be revealed XUV700, which will be the more premium version of the ongoing XUV500, while the XUV500 on the other hand will take its leave of absence for some time as its production will be coming to a halt for an uncertain period of time. other future projects of the company include the new generation Mahindra Scorpio, Electric variants of the XUV300 and KUV100. And the company recently also register a trademark for the name XUV900, for which some assumptions and leaks have been flowing in the winds like the car being crossover or a full-size SUV and many more.

It is final that the new Mahindra XUV900 will be a crossover between the SUV and Coupe. Initially, it was assumed that the car was going to be similar to the Alturas G4, which also is gone off-air as now only the earlier made stock is available for sale. The upcoming XUV900 is code-named W620 and will be highly inspired by the BMW X6 design. The XUV900 will be built on the XUV Aero project which was showcased 5 years ago in the 2016 Auto Expo, which also made a huge ruckus amongst the audience however the company wasn’t sure enough to where to put the car in its lineup so the idea didn’t take effect up until now.

This new design of the XUV900 will surely make heads turn when this car comes on the road, and if this car will be replacing the existing flagship Mahindra Alturas G4, then we are in for a show as to how the company takes this idea and makes it into a production-ready car and around the same price tag.

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