It has been over a decade since the launch of the 1st generation Thar but the love for that car till now hasn’t dwindled a bit even after the launch of the updated 2nd generation Thar. This car isn’t just a car it’s a feeling for many off-roading enthusiasts and the proof of it are the uncountable number of custom modifications it has received up until now. And if talking about the modifications, the craziest and the most expensive of them are the 6×6 versions of these cars as they can even cost twice the original price of the car. One such custom modification we have today is of a 6×6 Mahindra 1st generation Thar which has been modified in Punjab.

Seeing from the pics, the car looks more like an army truck rather than a regular car. While talking about the modifications, the front facia of the car has been equipped with a new 7-slot grille which gives the car a much bolder look and complementing it, is the new bull-bar bumper which also houses a set of fog lamps along with 2 tow hooks towards the centre, the car also has been equipped with bright auxiliary LED lamps over the bonnet and over the windshield and a snorkel at the side of the car, completing its off-roading look.

The sides are where this beast shows its true colour, with the most noticeable thing being the 3 axels equipped with large All-terrain tires along with a lift kit on an extended chassis. To this 6×6 system, an extra differential has also been added to deliver the power from the engine to the 3rd axel. The wheel fenders have also been extended to protect the car from mud or water splash. The body of the car is a combination of two materials first being the metal frame that runs till the C-pillar after which the extended chassis equips a hardtop.

As for the rear, nothing much has been changed, apart from the taillights which now comprise red LEDs on the edges. The roof of the car has been equipped with an old school luggage carrier that sits at the extended portion and also comprises of a set of lights at the sides of it.

Coming to the insides, the interior of the car has completely been modified with a dual-tone red-wooden finish that runs all over the interior and also has been equipped with a large 8-inch infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity. The most unique thing about this car is that its rear part carries a double bed making it a complete camping car which you can take on any road trip.

The engine is the only part that hasn’t been touch in the car and still carries the 2.5-litre 4-cylinder diesel engine generating max power up to 105 bhp along with max torque up to 247 Nm.

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