With Mahindra readying for its upcoming launch of the new XUV700 which will be making its way into the Indian market in a few months, however, the condition of the other cars doesn’t look as quite good, as Mahindra has recently announced a price hike on all of its cars, with the biggest hike for the all loved Mahindra Thar for July 2021. This is not the first time this year that Mahindra has announced a price hike, not even the second time but the third time. The first hike was introduced back in February, which was followed by another increment couple of months ago in May and now in July. The price hike will be applicable from this July.

The most affected car by this price hike will be the Mahindra Thar which has received a hike ranging from Rs. 32,000 to Rs. 92,000 depending on the variant you choose. This hike marks an increase of about 2 to 7 per cent from the price of the car which is the highest hike that any Mahindra car has gotten.

Talking about the other cars which will also be getting a price hike; however, the numbers look pretty reasonable as for the cost of the car. while the cars Alturas G4 and KUV100 are the least affected by this price hike as these cars will soon be discontinued and the company just wants to get rid of the lurking stock.

Here is the list of ranges that each car will be hiked up by.

ModelsPrice Hike range
Mahindra Alturas G4Rs 3,356
Mahindra BoleroRs 22,452 – Rs 22,508
Mahindra KUV100Rs 2,670 – Rs 2,672
Mahindra MarazzoRs 26,597 – Rs 30,867
Mahindra ScorpioRs 27,211 – Rs 37,395
Mahindra XUV300Rs 3,606 – Rs 24,029
Mahindra XUV500Rs 3,062 – Rs 3,068
Mahindra TharRs 32,000 – Rs 92,00

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