Mahindra today announced the sales numbers for its car line-up, which tell that the company managed to sell a total of 8,004 units of passenger cars in May 2021 which when compared to the sale of the same month of the previous year that stood at 3,867 units translates to YoY growth of 107 per cent however the situation doesn’t remain the same for the MoM basis where the carmaker registered a 56.2 per cent negative growth, when it was compared to April 2021’s sale of 18,285 units. But the thing to be noted here is that these sales figures are highly influenced by the second wave of the ongoing pandemic which has resulted in a series of weekly lockdowns forced by the state governments.

If looked at the overall sales of the company which includes all passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and exports, the company managed to make a sale of 17,447 units in May 2021 compared to April 2021’s sale of 36,437 units translating to an MoM negative growth of 52 per cent. However, the utility vehicle segment of the carmaker registered a YoY growth of 107 per cent, comparing sales of May 2021 which stood at 7,748 units to May 2020 sale of 3745 units. If considering the commercial vehicles alone then the company managed to sell 7,508 units and managed to generate a YoY growth of 30%. For the exports section, this sale stood at 1,935 units compared to 484 units sold in the same month of last year.

The situation of the pandemic is slowly getting to its recovery phase as the daily covid cases tend to dip down which has allowed the states to provide relaxation in many industries including the automobile sector that will help the industry recover faster and get back to its original states in a few months.

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