Mahindra and Mahindra, the Indian homegrown company has been in a weird situation till the last month where the company finally launched its much-awaited Mahindra XUV700 that comes in as a premium replacement of XUV500 which has now been discontinued for a short interval. Even after being in a situation where the company is planning on changing its half of the lineup, Mahindra managed to generate a total passenger vehicle sale of 15,973 units last month August 2021 against the sales of 13,651 units in the same month last year, translating to YoY growth of 17%.

In this cumulative passenger vehicle sales, 15,789 units were of the Utility Vehicle segment with the majority of the sales occupied by Bolero, XUV300 and Scorpio. While talking about the sales of EV and Vans which stood at mere 187 sales compared to the sales of 244 units in last year July 2020, translating to YoY growth of -23%.

If going by YTD (Year to date), meaning sales up until August, the company reported 80,221 units sold while looking at the same situation last year the company only managed to sell not even half of the sales this year which are 36,318 units, claiming a growth of 119%. Talking about the Export, Mahindra exported a total of 1,363 units which was an increase of 43% if compared to last year’s august export of 955 units.

XUV700 variant price s
Mahindra sales August 2021

Currently, the companies around the globe are facing a dire situation where there is a serious shortage of semi-conductors which might lead to some serious problems like a complete or partial halt in production or in many places it has even led to companies providing cars without infotainment systems and some cases companies are even providing unfinished cars to the dealers. No one knows when will this shortage end as it’s been a year since the start of this issue and till now nothing has been done to resolve it.

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