Mahindra & Mahindra is well known not only for its passenger cars but also for its Tractors. The company recently announced its tractor sales which stood at 22,843 units in the month of May 2021, however, these numbers were significantly less as compared on both MoM and YoY basis as the company made a sale of 27,523 units in April 2021 and 24,017 units in May 2020.

This significant sales drop is mainly due to the lockdown imposed on most of the states all around the nation due to the spread of the second wave of the covid 19 pandemic, and especially in May 2021 the country witnessed some massive covid positive number of the patient even beating the number of USA by 3 folds, however, June has been much time better than last month as the covid 19 cases drop rapidly each day and a slow and steady unlock phase has been stated in the country, which will help push the sales of these agricultural machines to their regular numbers. And as the Kharif crop season is coming round the corner, the sales of these machines will soon be at their full bloom.

Talking about Mahindra tractors, which come in 5 categories based on the size and the horsepower of the tractors – Mahindra Jivo which further comes in 5 different variants, Mahindra XP Plus which further comes in 6 other variants, Mahindra SP Plus which also comes in 5 different variants, Mahindra Yuvo that comes in 6 variants and lastly, Mahindra Novo that comes in 7 variants and is the largest amongst them all. All these tractors are based on their use in the field and also the size and power they produce. As the small ones can produce 20 – 40 hp while the big ones can produce up to 70-80 hp.

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