Mahindra group isn’t just limited to the automobile manufacturing business but also has a wide range in sectors like finance and the newly launched subscription and leasing business and is named Quiklyz which allows you to access passenger vehicles of choice across various brands at a certain monthly fee.

Mahindra Quiklyz leasing and subscription plan lets the consumer pay a monthly fee to lease a car for a certain period of time at some fixed amount, unlike the other subscription plan Mahindra Quiklyz isn’t limited to one brand but for various brands pan India. Mahindra is also trying to target companies and businesses that do not want the traditional ownership model but like to lease a car for a certain period. The benefit of the scheme is that you have to pay far less capital than you would have to pay for the ownership and that on top of no maintenance or other charges.

Turra Mohammed, Sales Vice President and head of leasing and subscription, Mahindra Finance, said, “A very important set of consumers for our new business will be the millennials who aspire to not only owning a vehicle but to do so in a hassle-free manner. Quiklyz will provide that convenience while allowing them to frequently change or upgrade to newer models entering the market without any down payment. For corporates as well, leasing is fast emerging as a viable option, both for providing cars to their employees and obtaining vehicles for their business use”.

Subscription plans are recently surfacing the Indian market and are also gaining a lot of praise as many people who have a transferable job every few years can easily own a car that they desire without the hassle of shipping the car to every state they move which will cost them quite a hefty sum.

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