Mahindra and Mahindra posted 19,018 units in April 2022 as against 14,780 units during the same corresponding month 12 months back in 2021 with year-on-year sales growth of 29%.

Mahindra April 2022 sales

Mahindra and Mahindra today announced the official sales for its monthly Delhi of April 2022. Competitively the homegrown manufacturer gains 45,640 units across various segments within the automotive sector. In the SUV space, Mahindra recorded 22,168 vehicles last month and on the passenger vehicle, it reported a total of 22,526 cars were dispatched while the export stands at 2703 units.

In the commercial vehicle space, the brand has posted 17,402 units in April 2022 with positive sales growth of 23%. The brand also noted the light commercial vehicle segment less than 2T pickups and greater than 3.5T and have commercial vehicles continue to endure the positive growth in the Indian market.

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Speaking on the sales performance president of the automotive division Mahindra and Mahindra said we continue our growth trajectory in the SUV segment with the sales of 22,168 units with a growth of 22%. Our commercial vehicles registered growth across all the segments and exports are also up by 35%. Demand across our product continues to be born aggressive with strong booking numbers in the pipeline.

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He further noted that several supply chain issues are created due to the restrictions in China. Mahindra could only manage to finish overall manufacturer sales standing in April 2022 with 19,018 units against 14,780 units during the same year-on-year sales growth by 29%.

Mahindra April 2022 sales
Number 2 of the highest waiting period in 2021

Mahindra has been teasing new 3 electric vision-based car concepts over the last few weeks ahead of their scheduled debut in July 2022. Reports indicate that the electric version of KUV 100 micro-SUV will be introduced later this year while the facelift version of xuv 300 and the production version of electric XUV will likely go on sale in the early next year.