If you are into Hypercars then you must have heard of the Sweden based company Koenigsegg, as this company is not only known for their mad speed hypercars but also for their thriving need to outdo themselves. The Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut right now hold the record of the fastest hypercar in the world, with the theoretical speed of 330 Mph (530 kph), although this car hasn’t been tested for its top speed yet. There is one more thing that the carmaker is widely known for, which are its innovations and some of it is out of this world, like the current news circulating which is that the company Koenigsegg is planning on using volcanic fuel as an alternative fuel which will be replacing any petroleum-based fuel for its internal combustion engines.

 While the company won’t stop any developments on other energy alternatives such as high-voltage and high-energy-density battery-powered engines and will be working together with the other alternatives as well. If going into the nitty-gritty of the fuel type used and its working, then a simple explanation to that will be – the volcano as fuel is due to the capturing of CO2 in the active volcanic lava that creates pockets of methanol in it, that can burn the fuel quite efficiently with far less emission than other fossil fuels.

Koenigsegg to use volcano fuel as alternative

This invention was constructed in Iceland by carbon recycling international which turned out to be a great product to power the hypercars, however, will be a hell of expensive as compared other fossil fuels and will also make the environment clean as the particle will also consist of charcoal in it which is a natural cleaner.  

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