Kia India is one of the newer car companies which have entered Indian markets, the company also is a part of the Hyundai Group. Although the company only has three cars in its Indian line up, the two SUVs Seltos and Sonet enjoys a large audience, however, the Kia Carnival is a low production luxury MPV so doesn’t enjoy much of an audience. Kia also has introduced some new feature updates to the Seltos and Sonet, which were launched this month. Talking about the sales Kia managed to sell 16,111 units last month and retained its rank as the 4th biggest car market shareholder in the Indian car market. And to give you a detailed look at these stats, here is the list of Kia Model-wise sales for April 2021. for April 2020Sales for April 2021
 Kia Seltos08,086
 Kia Sonet07,724
 Kia Carnival0301

Looking at the table for Kia Model-wise sales for April 2021, we can see that Kia Seltos became the best seller for the company selling a total of 8,086 units compared to over 12,000 units sold by the best-selling SUV Hyundai Creta, which are both based on the same platforms and share almost same specifications. At the number 2 position, we have the compact SUV Kia Sonet which manage to sell a total of 7,724 units for the month of April 2021, followed by a sale of only 301 units by the Kia Carnival.

Kia is also planning to add another car to its lineup, which will be an MPV and will be making its debut in early 2022 and will be highly inspired by the ongoing Kia carnival but will be priced much lower than its sibling.

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