Kia India has released their sales number for May 2022 anytime registering a total of 18,718 units with Seltos and Sonet contributing most of the numbers to the figures.

Kia India May 2022 sales

Kia India the 5th most sold car brand in India has registered sales of 18,718 units in May 2022 when compared to May 2021, it has registered 7668 units with year-on-year positive sales growth of 69.39%. When compared on a month-on-month basis Kia India has taken a growth of 11,050 units last month. The company however noted a 1.58% month-on-month negative sales growth over 19,019 units sold in April 2022.

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Every model in the company Kia line-up Sonet Seltos carnival posted a good year-on-year increase in sales. It was kia Sonet that contributed most to the sales with 7899 units sold in the past month. This was a 17.47% year-on-year growth over 6724 units sold in May 2021. The percentage share in the company line-up Kia Sonet has also experienced a month-on-month growth of 46.17% as 5404 units were sold in April 2022.

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At number 2 it was kia Seltos the mid-size SUV which sold 5953 units in the past month with 39.09% overall 4280 units sold in May 2021. The Seltos currently holds a 31.80% share from 39.47% held in April 2022 down sales at 7506 units leading to a 20.69% month-on-month negative sales growth.

The recently launched MPV Kia Carens was at number 3 with 4612 units sold in May 2022. The Koreans hold a Share of 24.64% and suffered a month-on-month negative growth of 19of5% / 5754 units sold in May 2022. Kia also shows year-on-year growth for the carnival with 239 units sold last month when compared to the last year it sold 146 units in May 2021 with year-on-year sales growth of 63.70%.

Kia India May 2022 sales

Kia carnival sales in April 2022 head at 355 units leading to a negative growth of 32.68% when compared on a month-on-month basis. Kia India has sold over 4.5 lakh units in India since its debut back in 2019. Of this Sonet sub, compact SUVs accommodated 1.5 lakh units. The company is feeling less pressure when the supplies of semiconductor shortage concern and sales stood at 97,796 units during the period January 2022 to May 2022. This was a 90% growth in the company currently the 5th most sold car brand position in our country.

Kya India is also set to launch the new electric crossover EV6 at India and prices will be announced on 2nd June 2022. This is the company’s first electric vehicle of which 15 units were also dispatched to dealerships at display units. The EV6 has already been launched in the global market and is set to launch in India as well with a bigger 77.4-kilowatt-hour battery.