Kia only has a hand full of cars in its Indian lineup consisting of two SUVs namely Kia Sonet and Kia Seltos which have a great market presence and one MPV which is the Kia Carnival. The SUVs of the company has been performing pretty well as both of its cars are amongst the top-selling cars in each segment. However, the same cannot be said for Kia Carnival as the car is a premium MPV and does costs a bit on the higher end of the MPV market and is sold as a low production model. Rubbing salt on the wounds is an ongoing health crisis and the weather calamities. To overcome this situation Kia came up with the idea of giving a Buyback Scheme on the Kia Carnival. To know more about the topic, keep on reading.

Kia has announced a new Satisfactory Guarantee Scheme on all the variants of the Kia Carnival, according to this scheme the buyer is allowed to return its at most 30 days old Carnival back to Kia to avail the refund of 95% of its total cost however there are some ifs and buts, let’s dive deep into this offer.

Kia Carnival Buyback Scheme is applicable for any buyer who has purchased the Kia Carnival after this offer start and isn’t satisfied with the car and wants to get a refund and there are some other conditions like, the vehicle shouldn’t have metered more than 1,500 km on the odometer to at least be eligible for the scheme and the car should not have any physical damage, failures or any pending dues. And the ownership of the car should be of the one returning, if bought on loan then the bank’s No Objection Certificate (NOC) should also be provided.

This offer is applicable to all the 3 trims namely Premium, Prestige and Limousine.

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