Kawasaki Ninja 400 hybrid powertrain has been unveiled for the Indian market, and more hybrid and EV bike in work as well.

  • Kawasaki Ninja Hybrid version unveiled
  • More EVs and Hybrid powertrain coming in future
  • Kawasaki Will launches 10 new EV and Hybrid powertrain by 2025

Kawasaki recently unveiled their plans for more grinner power energy source for the upcoming bikes at global levels. Kawasaki Slated to launch more than 10 new EV and hybrid powertrain by 2025. Apart from that they have also reported to go all electric by 2035 in major global markets. Kawasaki’s plans feel little too optimistic but it is achievable. Kawasaki even showcased a prototype of hybrid powertrain bike in Tokyo, Japan during its presentation. The prototype is based on a Kawasaki 400 and the body panels have been removed to showcase a Hybrid powertrain and parallel twin engine with an electric motor.

kawasaki Ninja Hybrid

The Electric motor derives power from 48V battery pack under the seat. The bike will be capable of running through all electric in urban city, which is great for curbing emission in urban jungle. In fact, there is a GPS system which enable to switch to electric mode when it enters the city premises. The Hybrid powertrain is coupled with automatic transmission with switches button operated gear shifts. Also, standard regenerative braking system is added to it, to charge the battery on the go. It should be noted that Kawasaki already showcased prototype of EV/Hybrid powertrain bac in 2019. Back in 2019 manufacture has showcased a Ninja 300 based prototype, and the teaser of the same bike release earlier this year.

kawasaki Ninja Hybrid

Over the years Hybrid cars are also a successful compared to IC powered vehicles it has a better fuel economy, that doesn’t make the vehicle totally dependent on EV manufacturers. Although, same success hasn’t been found in two wheelers as they have smaller engines and adding to much weight of electric motor will add up more weight to vehicle which furthermore lower down fuel economy. We expected that Kawasaki will showcase its production version Ninja 400 later next year. As for the fully electric bikes, we expect to have few prototypes showcase next year after the launch of Hybrid models. 

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