Kawasaki initially manufactured motorcycles with the name under Meguro, have bought the ailing manufacturer and the name changed to Kawasaki motorcycles. Kawasaki emerged after the second world war to become one of the big players of japan in their 60s and 70s, Kawasaki has maintained the reputation of building some of the most powerful engines on two wheels like a ninja and some other of the award winnings bikes.

The company was founded by Shoo Kawasaki in 1896, as his firm knows to be Kawasaki heavy industries but over time it has changed its principal activity areas and going into two-wheelers areas of activity. The Kawasaki company collaborated with Meguro motorcycle in 1960, the company at that time was a leading bike manufacturing brand, then after a period of time, Kawasaki bought Meguro motorcycles and changed it to Kawasaki motorcycles.

kawasaki W800 tracker  side view
kawasaki W800

Kawasaki motorcycles launched their first complete bike in 1961 with B8 125cc two-stroke engine, then the series of two-stroke models started their range from 50cc-250cc that attracted the US markets, which increased export of Kawasaki bikes on foreign soils.

Over the period of time, Kawasaki released many powerful bikes in the market, like Kawasaki KLX 110, Kawasaki Ninja 300, Kawasaki KLX 140, Kawasaki ninja 400, Kawasaki Versys-X300, and so on.

Currently available Kawasaki bikes in India with BS6 norms are: –

KAWASAKI NINJA 100010.79 lakhs INR1043ccBS6
KAWASAKI NINJA 6506.24 Lakhs INR649ccBS6
KAWASAKI Z9007.99 Lakhs INR948ccBS6
KAWASAKI Z6505.94 Lakhs INR649ccBS6
KAWASAKI VERSYS 100010.94 Lakhs INR1043ccBS6
Kawasaki indian line up prices

Upcoming Kawasaki bikes in near future are Kawasaki ninja300 that comes with a price starting from 2.98 lakhs INR, Kawasaki ninjaH2 that comes with a starting price of 34.99 lakhs INR, Kawasaki ninja ZX10R that comes with a starting pricing of 13.99 Lakhs INR.