The Kawasaki Eliminator comes with the same engine specification as the Ninja H2 and Ninja Z, but a little tuned up form.

  • Kawasaki debut supercharged range with Ninja H2 in 2015.
  • Eliminator supercharged cruiser H2 may come with the same 998cc engine
  • The expected price for the bike is Rs 13.2 lakhs ex-showroom

In 2014, Kawasaki has announced their first supercharged sportbike named as Ninja H2, which goes on sale in 2015. In just a few years ‘ time, the bike maker adds another variant of sports bike Ninja H2 SX and in 2020, a naked variant was launched called Christened Z H2. Now company has going to add another variant in their supercharged line-Up named Eliminator Supercharged Cruiser H2. Rumors for the launching of the Cruiser eliminator H2 have been all over the internet for quite a few years. But, the recent reports, show that the production phase of the Eliminator Cruise H2 has been started and likely to debut next year.

Kawasaki-Eliminator-H2 rendered image

Although the reports are based on the rumors, no official statement has been provided from the concerned authorities. The design has been rendered on the young machine magazine page, back in July 2020. The picture shows forward set footpegs, a single low seat, short front cowl. The motorcycle is blacked out from the front to the rear with green frame paints and looks attractive. The Final production may vary from this rendered image, but none the less it looks tempting. Eliminator cruiser H2 may get the same chassis as on Z H2, with some revision to suit the low back designing. The riding comfort design will be hassle-free. The Engine will likely be the same as Other H2 bikes. A 998 cc, inline-4 supercharged unit but expected power delivery will be little tuned up.

Kawasaki Vulcan
New H2 expected to be named as Vulcan Cruiser H2

Theirs is a slight chance that the New H2 will be called Vulcan H2, as it is known nameplate better around the globe. The pricing still a mystery but the expected price may start from Rs 13.2 lakhs ex-showroom.