Some of you may have seen the police force travelling in custom modified cars to ensure safety for the soldiers but to everybody’s amusement police force in Karnataka, to be precise, the Davangere police was discovered using 3 modified Isuzu D-Max V-Cross trucks with some illegal modifications. It is pretty interesting to know that the people who can fine you for not obeying road safety rules are seen themselves unfollowing them. The modifications on the police cars include bull-bars (illegal), snorkels, special stickers on the side and windshield with police written on them, and some other protection accessories, including a gun mount at the back of the truck.

Some might find these modifications going too overboard while some might find it fair for the police force to use it however using a bull bar bumper as a modification is still considered illegal, which not only risks the pedestrian’s lives but also the driver’s life. According to the experts, using a bull bar may hamper the driver’s safety as the front collision sensors get blocked by these atrocious modifications and this may reflect while in an accident as this can delay the signals to the collision sensors which in turn means a delay in the opening of airbags which in many cases can be a life-threatening issue. While the other modification isn’t life-threatening such as the snorkels, that are pretty much useless for a cop car as these are only used on off-roading cars which tends to go deep water crossings.

We aren’t even sure that can the police force use modified cars which are modified with some mildly illegal modifications as there is no mention of it in the rules however as this news goes viral there is a high chance that some action over this will soon be taken.

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