JLR use biometrics sensors to detect the motion sickness of passengers in driver less cars in simulation as well as in reality by computing, speed, acceleration, turns, braking and lane positions.

Jaguar land rover is developing the technology for drivers less cars aim to reduce motion sickness of passengers. New tech claimed to reduce sickness by up to 60 percent,

How does this work?

This system is based on software developed by JLR it uses biometric technology by which it detects the passengers behaviour at accelerating of vehicle or at braking then collects the data, this data is goes into software and find the ideal speed at which to reduce chances of  motion sickness up to 60 percent, the self-driving car then change its driving style accordingly.

Will it make into production of new cars at JLR?

JLR revealed that they have fine-tuned the software over 32,000 plus km in real as well as in virtual simulation, using its self-driving car. The system is expected to integrated in future production cars as the driver assists technology develops. Furthermore, they don’t reveal their future plans, as but the spokesperson said that “this principle technology gets into every level of car which has increased level of automation”

JLR’s chief medical officer, Dr Steve Iley, said “Mobility is rapidly changing and we will need to harness the power of self-driving vehicles to achieve our goal of zero accidents and zero congestion.”

Solving the motion sickness problem will increase huge potential of this technology for passengers in driver less cars, so that they will use the travelling time for relaxing, reading and working.

JLR future plans?

Stirring towards Indian market, JLR is working towards expanding their diesel line-ups, as they have only two option in diesel powertrain containing only two models in land rover, discovery sport facelift and range rover Evoque. The company’s entire jaguar line up is of petrol only. Also, the company is also gearing up for their first Electric SUV launch jaguar I-pace, in India.