Have you ever thought, what you might be riding in the next 10 years? What about a Jeep Submarine Wrangler, an off-roading EV that can also act as a scuba diving buddy? This might seem a bit farfetched but recently Jeep has released a trailer in which the carmaker showcases a small glimpse of the history of the company along with the roadmap of what the company plans on achieving in the coming 10 years and at the end of that trailer a small clip is shown of a Jeep Wrangler submerged in water with fishes swimming around the car.

Jeep Wrangler scuba diving car

We call this idea bit farfetched because the engineering needed for making an EV off-roader airtight will be close to a miracle in the next 10 years, although we won’t say it is impossible but not likely till 2030, and even if the engineering does get that advanced that someone figures out a way to do so then that wouldn’t be in any way cheap for any regular man to afford and that also for the feature that he won’t be using very often.

Going back in the video, the carmaker also showcases a highly intelligent autonomous system that allows the owner to set a location for the car to meet there at a certain time (considering the off-roading track), this might even be possible seeing the incredible development in the autonomous technology in the recent years.

In addition to these hyper technologies, the trailer also shows some very interesting features like the Dynamic Tire Pressure which would be a lot viable in different terrains where the car would adjust the tire pressure in them, depending upon the conditions, like decreasing the tire pressure when off-roading and maintain the pressure when on road.

The trailer also shows the utility of a multi-power port which can be used as an alternate power source to light up your camping spot or to supply power to any of the machines outdoors.

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