Not much time has passed when a leak was found about Jeep Magneto being a thing that the company was working on and company filing a trademark for the name of ‘Magneto’. Many reports even claimed that the new Magneto was going to be an all-electric Jeep Wrangler variant, well now as the photos have emerged for the Jeep Magneto off roader concept, those reports and leaks were might not be so far-fetched.

Earlier this month Jeep unveiled its two concept cars which are going to be showcased at the Easter Jeep Safari event at the end of this month. It is an annual event that company hold every year to reveal some of its concept car and some off-road adventure cars. One of the concepts going to be revealed is a classic looking retro styled Jeepster Beach with a shiny orange-ish colour, the second concept being an all-electric Jeep which will be named ‘Magneto’, and to be honest the Magneto does feel like a star player here.  

Talking about the designing of the car, the Jeep Magneto concept gives similar vibes like the Jeep Rubicon with Magneto written on either side of the bonnet, a large hood scope at the center of the bonnet, LED lights on either side of the Jeep’s signature 7 slat grille. The car also packs some massive 35-inch all terrain off road tires and 30-inch water fording ability, this all comes mated with a 6-speed manual transmission gearbox.

Jeep Magneto Concept

Now coming to the powertrain of the car, the concept Magneto gets a pair of custom-built axial flux electric motor that can operate at 6,000rpm and can belt out a maximum power output of 285 hp and a max torque of 370 Nm, with a 0-60 sprint speed of 6.8sec. This off road monster is powered by a combination of 4 Li-ion batteries place 1 under the hood, 1 at the rear and 2 on either side of the earlier fuel tank housing.

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