If you are into Trucks then you probably would have seen or heard of Apocalypse modified Trucks which specializes in 6×6 truck modifications. And this time this Florida based aftermarket specialist brings you a complete transformation of the Jeep Gladiator into a 6×6 Hellfire based pickup truck with a subtle hint of Tesla Cybertruck.   

This Jeep Gladiator modification marks the 79th modified truck on its list with the 78th being the overly popular Hellfire 6×6. Now starting off with the modifications, the powertrain used here is a Corvette inspired LS3 engine which can generate maximum power up to 500 hp, while you can also opt for either a Dodge Challenger Hellcat engine or a low powered 3.0-litre twin-turbo diesel engine. The car comes mated with an eight-speed automatic transmission which can also be swapped with the manual one that isn’t advised for such a heavy machine. This powerhouse of a car rides on a set of gigantic 40-inch tires along with a 3.5-inch lift kit that handles the 6,000 pounds (2,721 kilograms) weight of the car.

The interior of the car hasn’t been touched but if you want the car can be equipped with an auxiliary screen that will display the footage captured by the night vision camera that is positioned on top of the vehicle. While the back of the car does give some subtle Tesla Cybertruck vibes with the fully enclosed trunk.

These modified machines can be delivered to you within 3 weeks after placing the order as the company does keeps 10-15 such frames ready for a quicker delivery, although this modification will surely cost you a lot. The car is even street legal and can easily be driven on American streets without any worries however you might need a good amount of duel to run this heavy machine.

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