Jaguar the Tata-owned car company’s Britain plant has been shutdown due to the new coronavirus strain outbreak. Not only the company but all of Britain is in a state of emergency. The reason for this lockdown is due to a strange modified stain found in the virus that has made many citizens sick. The company jaguar land rover has declared a shut down in production until this Christmas.

The Jaguar Land Rover has issued a shutdown at its Castle Bromwich factory till this Christmas. The reason being the lockdown that has prevented the delivery of the raw material. The production of only the jaguar land rover’s XF and XE are at haul the production of the JLR’s F-type is still under production. This lockdown has also forced the Japanese car manufacturer Honda to stop their production till this week.

Jaguar’s plant shuts down due to corona virus outbreak

All the companies in Britain are suffering from a delay in parts due to delay at the British container ports. And with the rush in demand because of the Christmas season companies are forced to shut down amid a lack of raw material. JLR hasn’t shown much profit after the peak pandemic period and is still reliant on the government’s job retention scheme.

Reason of the Shutdown

The spreading of the new variant of the coronavirus which is named “VUI-202012/01” by British scientists, is said to be a mutation in protein in SARS CoV2 that infects humans. According to the report the virus is said to be 70 percent more mobile than the previous virus theoretically speaking. But the British government has said that there is no need for panic as the virus has gone through various mutations and the results are approximately the same. Now the question arises is the vaccine effective on this mutation? The answer is yes and all this scene of lockdown is only to stop its further spread.

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