Tata Harrier is a widely popular name in the automobile industry thanks to its tank-like built, superb performance and stylish looks, this SUV will not disappoint you in any way possible. The car also shares its underpinning with the recently launched Tata Safari which comes with all the same specifications except the 3rd-row addition. This Tata SUV has been amongst some of the favourite customization cars for most of the modification houses, however, you might only have seen the exterior modifications of this car as seeing a performance upgrade is a rare sight to witness, but we today have the fastest Tata Harrier modified or more like fine-tuned by Nick Zeek and belongs to Shubham Bhagul from Nagpur, Maharashtra that delivers far greater performance than the stock Harrier.

Let’s examine what are the changes in this fine-tuned Harrier. For the exterior, there isn’t much except the regular Dark edition Harrier which features an all-black body with all black highlights and five overhead lights that sits just above the front windshield.

The Engine is where the juicy modification arrives, the engine is fine-tuned to deliver a far better performance which can generate a maximum power output of up to 225 Bhp and maximum torque output of 470 Nm as against the stock specification of 170 Bhp and 350 Nm with the same 2.0-litre Kryotech diesel engine. Not only this but the Rpm limit is also boosted from 4500 rpm to 6500 rpm, the top speed of the car is also improved to max out at 220 km/h while the standard Harrier tops out at 178 km/h.

The Tata Harrier as of now comes in a total of 9 variants to choose from namely –   XE (base), XM, XMA, XT, XT+, XZ, XZA, XZ+, and XZA+ (top-end) while the colours that the car is provided in are 5 – Camo Green, Atlas Black, Calypso Red (also in dual-tone), Orcus White (also in dual-tone), and Telesto Grey.

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