As the fuel prices of petrol rising people of India looking for alternative fuel to overcome the situation, while today we have a Honda Activa Scooter modified into a Petrol electric hybrid.

  • Honda Activa was the first scooter to feature with gearless transmission box
  • The modification includes a kit of Battery, electric motor and a throttle
  • This particular modification also supports in Honda Aviator, Dio, Grazia, Maestro Edge, Destini and so on

Honda Activa is one of the most popular scooters available in the Indian market. In terms of sales, Activa performs really well and put Japanese manufacturer in top of two-wheeler manufacturer in India. Activa is the most sold scooter from the brand and in India. Honda Activa was the first scooter to feature with gearless transmission system later on Hero Maestro and many other scooters. While a few years ago the price of petrol doesn’t really bother the bike and car enthusiasts. Although, as of now the petrol price crose’s the Rs 100/Litre mark which makes it more difficult for the daily commuters to ride any kind of automobile.

Honda Activa modified into petrol electric hybrid

To find the alternative to the rising prices many modifiers developing some techniques to over the petrol usage in their two-wheelers. Today we have one of the modified Honda Activa, which is converted into a petrol-electric hybrid one. The reference images and date are taken from the LUCKY ELECTRONICS LAB YouTube channel, which showcases the modified Activa. The Charging point and placement of the Battery have been done under the seat storage area. With that there is an installed right next to the battery, so you can turn it ON and OFF as per your usage. The installed electric motor can run on 48V, 60V, and 72V depending on the speed of the scooter.

Honda Activa modified into petrol electric hybrid

Although, the owner of hybrid Activa runs it on 48V, the reason for that is he also owns the same petrol-electric hybrid Activa which runs on the same 48V. While talking about the speed 48V motor develops a top speed of 40Kmph, 72V produces a top speed of 60Kmph. Along, with all this, a switch is also installed at the front of the scooter which lets you enjoy easy switching between petrol and electricity comfortably. One issue found by the owner is the headlamps don’t work with the engine running so he has to set up new lamps that can be switched ON with another switch. The battery pack is waterproof, and the modification includes a Kit of Battery, electric motor, and throttle. The Kit can be installed in famous scooters like Grazia, Dio, Maestro, Aviator, and so on.   

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