Hyundai Motors has revealed its sales sheet for the month of July 2021 today which shows a stable growth of almost 26 per cent on YoY basis owing to the sale of 48,042 units compared to that of 38,200 units sold in the month of July 2020. This being said the South Korean company also recorded a stable growth of 18 per cent on MoM basis as against the sale of 40,496 units in June 2021.

While the Exports for HMIL stood at 12,207 units compared to that of only 3,100 units last year which reflects a significant increase in exports volumes of over 9k. The cumulative YoY growth stood at almost 46 per cent combining both the domestic sales as well as the exports to get a total of 60,249 units last month.

Most of the sales were attracted by the SUV segment which included the best-selling Hyundai Creta followed by the Hyundai Venue and the newest entry in the Hyundai line up which is the 7-/6-seater Hyundai Alcazar which shares many of its features from the 5-seater sibling Hyundai Creta, apart from the SUVs Hyundai Grand i10 Nios also achieved some impressive sales.

Seeing this blooming SUV trend Hyundai is also planning to introduce its new upcoming Micro SUV, the Hyundai AX1 which will garner the low budget SUV hungry audience. The AX1 will first make its debut in its home South Korean market and afterwards will enter the Indian market, however, till now the car has only been spied in camouflage in its home ground and no official date of its debut. Although there is no real image of the AX1 sans camouflage, there are many digitally rendered images of the car which gives you a pretty good glimpse of what to expect from the upcoming Hyundai AX1.

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