Hyundai Nexo FCEV vehicle breaks the world record of longest distance travelled in a single full charge.

  • Hyundai Nexo Australian team makes the world record of 887.5 Km in a single charge
  • Previous record was set with Hyundai Nexo by Bertrand Piccard in 2019 of 778 km in a single charge
  • Hyundai Nexo comes powered with 95 KW hydrogen fuel cell, along with 40KWh battery pack

While automakers all around the world working on eco-friendly mobility these days. Many manufacturers have rolled out their currently best electric vehicles, hybrids, plug-in hybrids, etc, and these vehicles steadily gaining more and more popularity around the world. Thanks to the advancement in technology, that sometimes they even outperform their gasoline-powered engines. Australian rally driver currently proved that point, when he derives Korean brand Hyundai Nexo from his hometown to another city, and makes a world record of traveling 887.5 km in a single charge.

Hyundai Nexo another world record
World record

Without refueling at any stops, he traveled this far and beating the previous world record of Bertrand Piccard. In 2019, the world record created by Piccard is 778 km in a single, and the fact of the matter that, previously also the record was made on Hyundai Nexo. The Australian team drives Nexo from Essendon fields in Melbourne to broken hills in new south wales, and the total tri distance has been measured from as per vehicles trip computer. According to the GPS unit in the vehicle, the journey was a little longer around 903 Km, google maps calculated the distance to be 905 Km.

Hyundai Nexo another world record
887 Km in a single charge

Regardless of that, the world record has been made for the longest distance traveled by an FCEV on a single tank of hydrogen. The journey took 13 hours and 6 minutes with an average speed of 66.9 Kmph. The vehicle consumed 6.27 Kg of hydrogen and produce 4,49,100 Litres of air. Hyundai Nexo comes powered with a 95 KW hydrogen fuel cell, along with a 40 kWh battery pack, which paired with an electric motor. The motor produces the 163 PS of maximum power and 395 Nm of peak torque. It is classified as a zero-emission car as its exhaust consists mainly of water vapor only.

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