The month of April wasn’t the best month for sales for the majority of the companies in the Indian market, due to the lockdown placed on many states due to the return of 2nd wave of the COVID19 virus. The same can be said for the second largest car manufacturer in India, Hyundai Motors, which recorded a total sale of 49,002 units in the last month and recorded a negative MoM sale of 6.8% when compared to the sale of 52,600 units in March 2021. So, to describe these sales numbers here is a list of Hyundai Model-wise sale for April 2021. for April 2020Sales for April 2021
 Hyundai Creta012,463
 Hyundai Grand i10 Nios011,540
 Hyundai Venue011,245
 Hyundai i2005,002
 Hyundai Aura03,347
 Hyundai Santro02,683
 Hyundai Verna02,552
 Hyundai Tucson0105
 Hyundai Elantra053
 Hyundai Kona012

This time also Hyundai Creta emerged as the top seller for the company, by selling 12,463 units last month, however, the car also faced a little dip in sales compared to that of March 2021. Next on the list, we have the Hyundai Grand i10 Nios which sold a total of 11,540 units last month followed by the sale of 11,245 which was achieved by none other than Hyundai Venue. The Hyundai i20, on the other hand, managed to sell only 5,002 units which were almost 1.5 times the sale of Hyundai Aura whc=ich sold a total of 3,347 units for April 2021.

Next on the list is the most affordable Hyundai offering, the Hyundai Santro which managed to achieve a sale of 2,683 units and was placed 6th on the list, the not in fashion sedan segment Hyundai Verna managed to garner sales of 2,552 units. The last 3 spots cars only managed to sell their model in 2 and 3 digits, the Tucson which sold only 105 units, the Hyundai Elantra sold only 53 units and the Hyundai Kona EV only managed to sell 12 units last month.

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