The new Hyundai i20 has just launched with a ton of variants to be precise 24 which is not a small number to think and each variant having its own pros and its own cons which makes it very difficult for the customer to choose any one from it.

Let’s make your decision clearer and provide you with something that will make it simpler for you

 What combinations does the new i20 have?

The new Hyundai i20 comes with a wide variety to choose from which when broadly classified comes in 2 type petrol and diesel which are further divided in three engine types 1.2 litre petrol variant, 1.5 litre diesel variant and a 1.0 turbo petrol engine which can be further more classified on the basis of features which are basically four namely- Magna, Sportz, Asta and Asta(O).

If you are a torque lover.

If you a person who likes torque more than power than you should go for the diesel variant which gives you far more torque than the petrol variant i.e. 83hp and 115Nm of torque for the petrol version and 240Nm for the diesel variant.

If you prefer mileage over everything.

If you are a person who puts mileage first in the line and other things goes to the back seat then you should go for the diesel variant that give you a mileage of 25.3kmpl whereas the petrol variant gives you a mileage of 20.3kmpl and provides future benefits like lower diesel cost.

If you want, your car to stay long enough.

as many of us maybe knowing that petrol cars have longer life as compared to the diesel car the reason being that petrol is a lot cleaner fuel than diesel as so is the cost a bit high than diesel but diesel also provides more power than petrol.

If you are a speed lower

If you are a speed enthusiast that loves speed and power Hyundai i20 will not disappoint you in any way, Hyundai i20 also comes with a 1.0 turbo charged petrol engine specially made of the speed lover that provides 120hp and 172Nm of torque to suffices your hunger.