May 2021 hasn’t been the month for anyone in India as the whole nation was under the claws of the deadly coronavirus and was the same situation for all the industries in India which were also facing the coronavirus lockdown repercussions. However, despite facing such a dire situation, most of the automobile industry finished in great positive sales as compared to that of last year. But the most affected carmakers in this period were the automobile market leader Maruti Suzuki which despite a positive YoY growth of 140 per cent the company suffered a massive MoM decline of 76 per cent whereas Hyundai group which consists of both Korean carmakers Hyundai and Kia made a YoY growth of 322%, while the MoM sales stood at a comparatively better position at 45% decline.

MonthMaruti Suzuki salesHyundai Group sales (Hyundai + Kia)Difference in sales
Maruti and Hyundai sales comparison

It is the first time that Maruti Suzuki has been defeated in sales numbers by anyone in the Indian automobile industry creating history, and to be specific no one for a very long time has even come close to the sales achieved by the company. In April 2021 Maruti made a total sale of 1,35,879 units while the Hyundai group only managed to sell 65,113 units in that month, which is not even half the gigantic number. While May 2021 sales turned out the other way where Maruti Suzuki registered a total passenger vehicle sale of 32,903 units against the sale of Hyundai group of 36,051 units, generating deference of 3,148 units.  

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