Korean manufacturer Hyundai has filed a patent for steering mounted cluster display in Germany which rather unique arrangement.

  • Hyundai files patent for steering mounted cluster
  • 2019 Hyundai showcased luxury sub brand genesis two door EV concept called Mint with windscreen cluster
  • Placing a screen on steering likely to create a problem for airbag deployment

Hyundai Motor Company has filed a patent for steering mounted instrument cluster display in Germany. It is rather a unique arrangement of clusters that has more negatives than positives. Back in 2019, Hyundai sub luxury brand genesis had showcased its two-door EV called mint. The most noticeable details about the Genesis Mint were its instrument cluster steep: the cluster was set up on the windscreen center most uniquely shaped steering wheel. Now it seems like Hyundai is all ready to make it’s the production version.

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Hyundai Patent cluster display
genesis EV Concept

The new display cluster gives a driver good visibility, at least In theory and eliminate the need of placing instrument cluster behind the wheels. However, this brings a lot of questions to our minds. Bringing the display closer to the driver makes it more visible but the driver should have to take their eyes off the road for proper information. However, if a head-up display is used alongside with it could be good. That being said, this technology is a blessing for those drivers which have a problem in visibility seeing through the steering wheel to cluster.

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Hyundai Patent cluster display

We are sure before going to the production version of the vehicle Hyundai engineer will go through some more tests on that. In genesis concept version Mint, the screen on the steering was the only screen provided in it. While this won’t be the case in the production-ready version. Also, placing a screen on the steering would make more problems for the deployment of steering airbags. But the company claims that it won’t be a problem. The timeline hasn’t been confirmed by the manufacturer that how much time it will take to get into production version form.    

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