The Hyundai Creta has been the number 1 best selling SUV for quite some time, even beating the toughest phase for the Indian market – the pandemic phase. The new model of Creta was launched in March 2020 and since then has sold more than 1 lakh units in the Indian market. However, amongst all the variants of the new Creta the base Diesel variant has been in most demand. And due to this demand Hyundai Creta diesel removed from their official website. however only the base diesel variant E only has been removed.

In the automobile sector with great success comes high production demand and with Creta’s huge success came its high production demand which has been a pain for the company, as some of its model having a waiting period of 9-10 months, which for a customer is a really long time and feels better to switch the car. According to the sales report diesel variants of the new Creta has been in more demand than its petrol counterpart almost in the ration of 60:40. Although, the base diesel variant has been removed from the official website its still in sale in certain dealership however, the customers have to pay the whole on-road amount in advance and wait for 11-12 month for their car, which unfortunately is a real bummer for them.

Since the base diesel variant has been removed from the site company can now solely focus on its other variants and customers will also be opting for higher variants, resulting a better profit for the company, as higher the variant higher the profit margin for the company.

 Creta is not the only car facing this issue, many other manufacturers are suffering from the same kind of problem. Similar to this situation is of the Mahindra Thar which has also discontinued its base model with the soft top, and is facing a waiting period of 9-10 months on some variants. Nissan too hasn’t been far from this problem, with the launch of their new success Nissan Magnite the car is also facing a long waiting list of 9-10 months, similarly the new i20 having a waiting period of about 3 months, and Kia sonet of about 5 months.