Hyundai Alcazar is the new entry in the Indian market, and with its entry, a new rivalry has been started about who will be the new king of the SUV seater turned 6/7-seater segment will it be the new Hyundai Alcazar or the Tata Safari or the Chinese SUV MG Hector Plus. Today for this answer we have for you is a comparison between the price of greater of the two competitors Hyundai Alcazar and the Tata Safari.

The new Hyundai Alcazar comes in a total of 2 powertrain variants, first being the 2.0-litre naturally aspirated 4-cylinder petrol engine which can generate maximum power up to 159 PS and torque of 192 Nm, while the second is a 1.5-litre turbo diesel engine generating power up to 115 PS and torque up to 250 Nm.

The safari on the other hand comes only a 2.0-litre diesel which can generate up to 170 PS of power and maximum torque up to 350Nm.

Safari variantPrice (ex-showroom)Alcazar VariantsPrice (ex-showroom)
XERs. 14.99 lakhPrestige 7-seater MT petrolRs. 16.30 lakh
XMRs. 16.36 lakhPrestige 6-seater MT petrolRs. 16.45 lakh
XMARs. 17.61 lakhPrestige (O) 7-seater AT petrolRs. 17.93 lakh
XTRs. 17.81 lakhPlatinum 7-seater MT petrolRs. 18.22 lakh
XT PlusRs. 18.61 lakhPlatinum (O) 6-seater AT petrolRs. 19.56 lakh
XZRs. 19.51 lakhSignature 6-seater MT petrolRs. 18.71 lakh
XZ Plus 6-seaterRs. 19.99 lakhSignature (O) 6-seater AT petrolRs. 19.85 lakh
XZ Plus 6-seater Adventure PersonaRs. 20.20 lakhPrestige 7-seater MT dieselRs. 16.53 lakh
XZ PlusRs. 20.35 lakhPrestige (O) 7-seater AT dieselRs. 18.01 lakh
XZ Plus Adventure PersonaRs. 20.56 lakhPrestige 6-seater MT dieselRs. 16.68 lakh
XZARs. 20.76 lakhPlatinum 7-seater MT dieselRs. 18.45 lakh
XZA Plus 6-seaterRs. 21.25 lakhPlatinum (O) 6-seater AT dieselRs. 19.79 lakh
XZA Plus 6-seater Adventure PersonaRs. 21.45 lakhSignature 6-seater MT dieselRs. 18.94 lakh
XZA PlusRs. 21.61 lakhSignature (O) 6-seater AT dieselRs. 20 lakh
XZA Plus Adventure PersonaRs. 21.81 lakh  

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