MG Hector Plus is a car that comes with a ton of features more than others but still suffers in the sales department due to lack of trust in the company owing to its hometown China, as the atmosphere between the countries hasn’t cooled down since the last year. On the other hand, the new release Hyundai Alcazar has been gaining quite some popularity even before its launch which might give the car an edge over the Hector and in addition that Hyundai has a pretty good market trust so the car can be received well by the audience. However, the main selling point of these cars will be their price tags which have already been revealed for both the cars and for this article we are going for the comparison between the two cars, Hyundai Alcazar vs MG Hector Plus.

Alcazar VariantPrice (ex-showroom)Hector Plus VariantsPrice (ex-showroom)
Prestige 7-seater MT petrolRs. 16.30 lakhStyle MT 7-seater petrolRs. 13.62 lakh
Prestige 6-seater MT petrolRs. 16.45 lakhSuper hybrid MT 7-seater petrolRs. 15.12 lakh
Prestige (O) 7-seater AT petrolRs. 17.93 lakhSmart DCT 6-seater petrolRs. 17.49 lakh
Platinum 7-seater MT petrolRs. 18.22 lakhSmart CVT 6-seater petrolRs. 17.49 lakh
Platinum (O) 6-seater AT petrolRs. 19.56 lakhSharp hybrid MT 6-seater petrolRs. 18.12 lakh
Signature 6-seater MT petrolRs. 18.71 lakhSharp DCT 6-seater petrolRs. 19.17 lakh
Signature (O) 6-seater AT petrolRs. 19.85 lakhSharp CVT 6-seater petrolRs. 19.17 lakh
Prestige 7-seater MT dieselRs. 16.53 lakhStyle MT 7-seater dieselRs. 15.03 lakh
Prestige (O) 7-seater AT dieselRs. 18.01 lakhSuper MT 7-seater dieselRs. 16.13 lakh
Prestige 6-seater MT dieselRs. 16.68 lakhSuper MT 6-seater dieselRs. 16.37 lakh
Platinum 7-seater MT dieselRs. 18.45 lakhSmart MT 7-seater dieselRs. 17.99 lakh
Platinum (O) 6-seater AT dieselRs. 19.79 lakhSmart MT 6-seater dieselRs. 18.09 lakh
Signature 6-seater MT dieselRs. 18.94 lakhSelect MT 7-seater dieselRs. 18.80 lakh
Signature (O) 6-seater AT dieselRs. 20 lakhSharp MT 6-seater dieselRs. 19.60 lakh
Hyundai Alcazar vs MG Hector Plus Price comparison list

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