Kia India has launched segment-first Matte grey color edition X-Line a few weeks ago and now they have given methods on how to maintain Matte grey color.

  • Kia India launched Seltos X-Line with segment first Matte Grey Colour
  • Here we have how to maintain Matte grey colour
  • Seltos X-line edition offered in two engine option and only in automatic transmission box

Kia India earlier launched the top-end variant Seltos X-Line edition for Rs 17.79 lakh for turbo petrol and Rs 18.10 lakh for oil burner ex-showroom. It is offered in segment-first Matte grey paint job on body panels from the factory assembly line. Seltos X-Line Matte grey finish offered with some highlights of orange/red color on the front, back, and on the interior. While new indigo color leatherette upholstery is also offered in it. Although it looks worth every penny it is very hard to maintain in a long run. Many customers who have booked their X-Line aren’t aware of about How to maintain Matte grey paint?

How to maintain Matte Grey colour

On high demand from the buyers, Kia India has released some guidelines about how to maintain Matte Grey color. It also shares a list of Dos and Don’ts which helps customers in a long run in minting the Matte grey color. For starters customers have to avoid any kind of scratches or marks on the color, even the small scratches look very prominent on the surface. The Biggest disadvantage of Matte Grey color is in case of repair, whole panels have to be replaced which gets very costly. Owners should be refrain from any kind of polishing, coating, or other things to avoid, as it would make a glossy mark over the color and ruin its appearance.

How to maintain Matte Grey colour

Only Micro Fibre clothes should be used for any kind of cleaning and the clothes used for cleaning Matte grey paint shouldn’t be used on any other vehicles. Any kind of fuel, grease and other oils would be avoided, and if spilled on the surface should be cleaned by Microfibre cloth only an instant before it leaves permanent stains on the Surface. Customers should also avoid other substances like bird droppings, insect residues immediately to avoid permanent stains. More other Dos and Don’ts are given in the above and below images. As for performance, it is offered in two engines – 1.4 Litre turbo petrol and 1.5 Litre oil burner. The former is paired with a 7-speed DCT gearbox and the latter is paired with a 6-speed AT torque convertor.   

How to maintain Matte Grey colour


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