Due to low sales figures and closure of the Noida plant Honda has decided to discontinue its Honda Civic and Honda CR-V models.

When acknowledging the total market share of the Honda company in India, the numbers do not seem that impressive. And amongst the most non-performing car of the company in Indian market are the Honda Civic and the Honda CR-V. The company has now decided to move its production from Noida branch to its Tapukara branch in Rajasthan. This shifting is for all cars except both the cars mentioned above.

Honda discontinues Civic and CR-V due to closure of Noida plant
Honda CR-V production line

Performance of the Civic and CR-V in the market

Both the cars haven’t performed up to the mark for quite a long-time proof of it is the sales figures. For the CR-V, the car has barely crossed the hundred-mark units sold by adding all the sales from the last six months. Whereas the sales of Civic isn’t that bad but when compared to other sedans, the car is no way near others.

Although, the current trend is of the SUV segment but the CR-V being a premium crossover hasn’t been able to impress the audience. The order of the discontinuation of these cars are in immediate effect. However, the headquarter and the production of the Honda spare parts still remains at Noida.

Reason behind discontinuation of Honda Civic and CR-V

As said by the company this decision was taken to improve the business efficiency. Which will improve the transportation and ease of production. As conveyed by the company’s CEO Gaku Nakanishi, this order was taken to due to the uncertainty caused by the COVID19 pandemic. And this has made the company to consider that unification of the production house will result in the betterment of the company.

The production of the Tapukara plant has been started with conditions to be followed laid by the govt. on the COVID19 norms. The company has even started to gain a considerable demand from the past three months. The carmakers will now on be focusing only at the below Rs 20 lakh segment.

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