Honda the Japanese car manufacturing company has shaken the global market yet again with its second launch this month, the first being the 11th gen Honda Civic and now the company has unveiled the Honda City hatchback version which is likely to go on sale first in Thailand.

First, let’s see the spec. sheet of the new Honda City hatchback

Dimensions and design

The new Honda city hatchback is based purely on the new Honda City sedan and copies every aspect of the car until the C-pillar after which the car gets a nice little hatchback to complete it.

For the dimensions, the Honda City hatchback measures 4,349mm in length, 1,748mm in width, and 1,488mm in height and has a wheelbase of 2,589mm. which is quite bigger in every aspect to its 3rd generation Honda Jazz model that is 314mm shorter, 53mm less wide, and has a 59mm shorter wheelbase than the City hatchback.

The design is a true copy of the Honda city sedan with everything the same from the grille to the door handle except the rear where the car gets a wide horizontal taillight, a redesigned rear bumper and vertically positioned artificial air vents.

Engine options

The city comes with a new 1.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine that can deliver up to 122hp of power and is coupled with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) gearbox, however, the company hasn’t announced any other variant but will likely introduce depending on the market demand.

Will the Honda City hatchback be launched in India? And at what price

The Honda City hatchback can be said as a replacement to the third-gen Honda Jazz which is readily available at every global market, so the car will be priced around the same price range as the jazz. However, Honda has already introduced the new fourth-gen model of the Jazz which is built on a more expensive platform so the City hatchback is not very likely to be placed in the same segment.

For the Indian market, the third-gen Honda jazz is still in sale and the carmaker is very likely to keep it so with a very less chance of the introduction of the City hatchback.