The American auto manufacturer General Motors and Japanese multinational brand Honda Motor Company join hands to manufacture affordable electric vehicles for the international market.

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The 2 companies will be using the next generation of full-time battery technology in the upcoming operations. In addition, General Motors and Honda will also discuss future electric vehicle battery technology partnership potential to lower the cost of electrification along with better performance in ensuring future vehicle sustainability. Both companies will be partnering with each other to develop worldwide production of thousands of electric vehicle cars including compact crossovers midsize SUVs full-size SUVs luxury cars and Sedans EVs as well.

Honda general Motors electric vehicle

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The operation will be commenced in 2027 by combining the technology design and sourcing strategies for both brands. The companies will also collaborate to standardize equipment procedures to achieve world-class quality increase throughput and lower costs as well.

The focus of this corporation will primarily be on small crossovers as the market of this segment of vehicles is the largest in the world with yearly sales of more than 13,000,000 cars. Currently, General Motors is working on the development of lithium metal silicon and solid-state batteries as well as a production method that can be employed swiftly to improve and update the battery cell manufacturing processes.

Honda general Motors electric vehicle

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While the Japanese brand Honda is making headway on its all-solid-state battery technology. The Japanese manufacturer has also constructed demonstration for all-solid-state batteries in Japan and moving closer to mainstream manufacturing this is not the first time that these 2 manufacturers join their hands. In 2013 these 2 companies begin working together on code development of next-generation fuel cell hydrogen storage technologies.

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They also come together in 2018 when hand joined hands with General Motors EV battery module development efforts. Furthermore, companies that have ongoing relationships with Cruzan are working together on the development of cruise origin one of the first purpose-built fully autonomous vehicle designs for driverlessridese and delivery.