The Hindustan Motor’s (HM) Ambassador has been the car that has defined India for over a decade and was in production from 1959 to 2014 translating to more than 50 years of production. In this long period, the Ambassador has been through some major upgrade both in power and looks. And to be exact this front-wheel powered sedan has been through 5 major upgrades and was only produced in 2 plants one in Kolkata and another one in Chennai.

The HM Ambassador was highly inspired by the Morris Oxford series III design which made the car stood strong for such a long period of time, originally the HM Ambassador came with the Austin-designed B-Series 1.5-litre petrol-powered engine which then later was changed in the 1990s to a more powerful Isuzu built 1.8-litre petrol engine.

Although the production of the Ambassador came to an end in 2014 but it wasn’t the end of the story, as now the PSA group has bought the rights for the name Ambassador in Rs. 80 crore which was paid to Hindustan Motors, which will be a lifeline for the company to reenter the Indian markets.

Talking about the futuristic renders, these images are developed by Amol Satpute working on an internship project at Tugbotz Design. The render images being showcased here are a mix of the front of Auston Martin and the body of Bentley, featuring a long hood with a unique grille design contains circular headlamps with chrome outlines. With a rather minimal looking clean body panel, large wheel arcs and a pillarless design.

For the rear the car gets vertical strips as taillamps, black diffuser at the lower rear end and Ambassador written with chrome at the center of the boot lid.

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