Full-Size SUVs are considered the real SUVs with only a hand full of entries in this segment Toyota Fortuner has ruled it for quite an extended period of time, and till now nothing has changed in regards to the positioning. The Toyota Fortuner has still remained as the best-selling Full-Size SUV yet again for April 2021, with the car registering a total sale of 1,414 for last month. The car is available in 2 different variants first being the more powerful 2.7-litre engine variant and the other being the 2.0-litre diesel engine variant.

The Fortuner also gives the option of a 4×2 and a 4×4 drive option. At the 2nd position, we have the all loved Ford Endeavour which grossed a sale of 840 units, and one thing to keep in mind is that April 2020 was a no sale month because of the still ongoing pandemic so the YoY comparison of these cars isn’t fair. At the number 3 spot we have the MG flagship car the MG Gloster which managed to sell a total of 302 units in April 2021, the Gloster is available in a single-engine option, however, it gets 2 tune options, one with a single turbocharged version which can generate up to max power of 163 PS and max torque of 375 Nm, and the other one being a twin-turbocharged engine which can generate a greater force of 218 PS and 480 Nm of torque, and comes equipped with a standard 8-speed torque converter automatic transmission.

Next at the 4th position, we have the Hyundai Tucson which managed to garner a total of 105 units and is getting a new update really soon. At the last, position we have the car which was discontinued production Mahindra Alturas G4 which sold a total of only 24 units even after a hefty discount of more than 3 lakh.

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