A few years ago, Dual Airbags has been mandated, along with many safety features like reverse sensors and many more.

  • From 1st April 2021 Dual Airbags are mandatory
  • Policy announced by Ministry of road transport and Highway
  • Many car makers don’t provide driver side airbag due to cost issues

Back in 2019, the ministry of road transport and Highway passed a revolutionary notification that mandate many safety features and technology standards on every level of car sold. According to the notification it includes ABS with EBD, driver’s side airbag, reverse parking sensors, as well as high alert speed system. Now, the government has also announced another policy for every passenger car manufacturer in the Indian market, that all the cars sold from 1st April 2021 onwards either entry-level model or top model, will have Dual airbags as standard at Driver side and passenger side both. Dual Airbags Mandated.

Mandate dual AIrbags
Nexon Dual frontal airbag

“Ministry has announced the notification about the mandatory provision of an airbag for a passenger seated on the front seat of a vehicle, next to the driver. This has been mandatory features and also suggested by supreme court committee on road safety”. Although, all the new cars launched after 1st April 2021 will get dual airbags while existing vehicles will be required to sell with dual frontal airbags after 31st august 2021. Safety is the most important aspect before buying a car in today’s time, as so many accidents take place every day all over India. Many manufacturers also added many more safety techs to their offerings. While it should be noted that the new policy for mandate airbags will benefit the entry-level trims as they get a standard dual frontal airbag.

Before the mandate notification manufacturer does not offer front passenger-side airbags in the entry-level trims of some affordable cars. However, the new mandate sends out a message to every manufacturer loud and clear that basic safety should be provided to each and every buyer regardless of the trims. Dual Airbags Mandated.  

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