Toyota Fortuner next year could get a mild hybrid diesel engine which would increase the fuel efficiency of the most selling full-size SUV in the Indian market.

Last year there were reports that Toyota is working on hybrid technology for their diesel engines now there are reports that the new hybrid diesel engine could be used for the fortune and will go on sale in Thailand first then in the other Asian markets.

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The Fortuner hybrid could be launched in 2023 and expected that Toyota will use the one 1GD-FV 2.8 liters turbocharged diesel engine. There will be an integrated starter motor and a special alternator with the engine. The SUV would be able to store energy that is lost during braking then this energy would be used to produce additional tour can assist the engine when it is not at its most efficient state.

Toyota Fortuner diesel mild hybrid engine
Fortuner Mild Hybrid

There will also be an idle engine Start-Stop system so the engine would shut down when the vehicle is stopped. For instance, at a traffic light while a vehicle is stuck in traffic the engine also restarts automatically when the driver needs to move the vehicle which overall increases the fuel economy of the full-size SUV. This also helps in saving fuel and lowering emissions as well.

Apart from that Toyota India recently launched the GR sports edition of Fortuner which is positioned above legender in the Indian market. It is the most expensive variant of the Fortuner priced at 48,30,000 ex-showroom New Delhi. It is based on the Fortuner legender but few cosmetic upgrades have been done with the SUV.

In the coming months, Toyota will also launch the new generation, Innova Crysta, in the Indian market. The manufacturer has registered the Innova Hycross name for the new generation Innova. It will be based on the new platform which will be front-wheel driven. The platform is called TNGAC it will have a 100 mm longer wheelbase which should mean more space for the occupants.

The code name of the Innova Hycross 506B has a length of 4.7 meters. So yes, it will be a bit shorter than the current Innova Crysta however there should be an ample amount of space for all the passengers because of the new monarchy platform and Toyota has also been able to shut down 170 kilograms of weight from the MPV.