Ford has hiked the prices of all of its cars starting from the most affordable offering by the carmaker, Ford Figo to Ford India’s flagship car Ford Endeavour. This price hike varies from model to model and from variant to variant for the entire lineup. This isn’t the first time Ford has increased the prices of its car this year, earlier the carmakers hiked the prices of almost its entire lineup at the start of 2021 which has been a case for all the carmakers in the Indian market.

Ford price hike

Starting with the more affordable offering by the company, the Ford Figo and Ford Freestyle which have gotten a price hike of Rs 18,000 on every variant, all the MT petrol and diesel variant get included in it.

Next, we have the Ford Aspire which has gotten a rather mild hike of Rs. 3,000 on all of its variants, which might not be any big of a deal for anyone willing to spend lakhs on a car. Ford EcoSport gets a price Hike of Rs 20,000 on its Ambiente, Titanium and Trend, other variants still remain the same.

Now for the Flagship car of the company Ford Endeavour gets a massive price hike of Rs 70,000 on its Titanium+ 4×2 variant and Rs 80,0000 on its Titanium+ 4×4 and Sport 4×4 variant. IncreasedNew Price*
1.Ford Figo1.2-litre Petrol Ambiente MTRs 18,000Rs 5,82,000
 1.2-litre Petrol Titanium MTRs 18,000Rs 6,82,000
 1.2-litre Petrol Titanium Blu MTRs 18,000Rs 7,27,000
 1.5-litre Diesel Titanium MTRs 18,000Rs 7,92,000
 1.5-litre Diesel Titanium Blu MTRs 18,000Rs 8,37,000
2.Ford Aspire1.2-litre Petrol Titanium MTRs 3,000Rs 7,27,000
 1.2-litre Petrol Titanium+ MTRs 3,000Rs 7,62,000
 1.5-litre Diesel Titanium MTRs 3,000Rs 8,37,000
 1.5-litre Diesel Titanium+ MTRs 3,000Rs 8,72,000
3.Ford Freestyle1.2-litre Petrol Titanium MTRs 18,000Rs 7,27,000
 1.2-litre Petrol Titanium+ MTRs 18,000Rs 7,62,000
 1.2-litre Petrol Flair MTRs 18,000Rs 7,92,000
 1.5-litre Diesel Titanium MTRs 18,000Rs 8,37,000
 1.5-litre Diesel Titanium+ MTRs 18,000Rs 8,72,000
 1.5-litre Diesel Flair MTRs 18,000Rs 9,02,000
4.Ford EcoSport1.5-litre Petrol Ambiente MTRs 20,000Rs 8,19,000
 1.5-litre Petrol Trend MTRs 20,000Rs 8,84,000
 1.5-litre Diesel Ambiente MTRs 20,000Rs 8,89,000
 1.5-litre Diesel Trend MTRs 20,000Rs 9,34,000
 1.5-litre Petrol Titanium MTRs 20,000Rs 9,99,000
 1.5-litre Diesel Titanium MTRs 20,000Rs 9,99,900
 1.5-litre Petrol SE MTRs 10,69,000
 1.5-litre Petrol S MTRs 11,19,000
 1.5-litre Diesel SE MTRs 11,19,000
 1.5-litre Petrol Titanium+ ATRs 11,39,000
 1.5-litre Diesel S MTRs 11,69,000
5. Ford Endeavour2.0-litre Diesel Titanium 4×2 ATRs 29,99,000
 2.0-litre Diesel Titanium+ 4×2 ATRs 70,000Rs 33,80,000
 2.0-litre Diesel Titanium+ 4×4 ATRs 80,000Rs 35,60,000
 2.0-litre Diesel Endeavour Sport 4×4 ATRs 80,000Rs 36,25,000

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