The introduction of BS6 emission norms by the Government of India was a gigantic and startling turn of occasion in the Indian automobile industry which drove the automobile market to a lofty decrease in deals. Also, this choice constrained the automobile industry in a condition of confusion from picking between whether to go for both petroleum and diesel offering or stick to just petrol contributions, as the value between the BS6 petroleum variant vehicles and the BS6 diesel variant vehicles will be widened up which may cause the client to lose interest in the diesel rendition of the reasonable vehicle fragment which will presently don’t be so moderate.

Because of the use of new norms, numerous vehicle makers deliberately ignored towards the Diesel variants at the cheaper portion vehicles while some remained consistent with their objectives and offered both petroleum and diesel variants for the entirety of their contributions. Today we investigate this difference in occasions and we should perceive what amount has the circumstance changed after around two years and see which company gets the top spot in the February sales 2021.

Feburary sales

Considering the sales of February 2021, which recorded an 83.2% sale of just petroleum vehicles contrasted with an altogether low level of 16.8% sale portion of diesel vehicles. Indeed, even here Maruti radiated on first spot on the list for their sales of 1,44,761 units among which 100% of them were petroleum vehicles, while for the diesel vehicles M&M (Mahindra and Mahindra) remained on first spot on the list getting a diesel vehicle portion of 87.4% and a petroleum vehicle portion of 12.6%. for the remainder of the organization here’s a rundown of the rates.

ManufacturerTotal salesDiesel vehicle sales percentagePetrol vehicle sales percentage
Maruti Suzuki1,44,17610% 100%
Mahindra & Mahindra15,38087.4%12.6%
Skoda8530%Petrol vehicle sales percentage

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