Driving license and RC issued by Delhi Government likely to have QR Code from Delhi transport Department.

  • Driving license and RC could feature QR Code in future
  • Delhi driving license will also have NFC feature
  • Apart from that Transport department also claim to retain records of penalties up to 10 years

Just a few days ago Delhi transport department has announced that in the future driving license and RC issues by the Delhi government will feature with QR codes or smart cards. A Statement issued by the Delhi government claims that the upcoming license and RC will feature Microchips, q Quick response code on it along with NFC Near field communication. However, the smart registration cards will have the owner’s name on the front and back. Although smart cards have chips embedded in them, and sometimes it is hard to read, the Delhi government said.

Driving license soon to have Smart card QR Code Delhi

The issue majorly concerns the unavailability of Chips reading machines. While before implementation the required quantity of Chips reading machines will be equipped by the Delhi transport department. Partly because Chips machines were designed and implemented by states concerns. This, the Delhi government said “resulted in difficulties in reading the chip and rediverting information especially in the case of defaulters. Having explained this problem Delhi government states the requirement of QR Code on Driving license and RC for the better transformation of information, slotted at Vihan databases and Saratha.

Driving license soon to have Smart card QR Code Delhi

Furthermore, according to the Delhi government, this will help us to identify and maintain records of the personnel about their car, modifications made to the vehicles, emission standards, differently-abled drivers, and the person declarations of donating organs. Moreover, the Delhi government also claims that with this they will retain the records of fines and penalties of the holder of driving license for up to 10 years on the vahan databases as soon as drivers’ card is confiscated. While just weeks back Delhi government has transferred offline services of RTO into an online service for better flexibility.

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