The survey conducted by the newspaper report came as the drivers are showing patience and respect towards cyclists. During the lockdown period when all the vehicles halt, the cycle is the only way of moving around to neighbourhoods for essentials

Tensions between the cyclists and drivers eased following lockdown, despite increasing numbers of people taking to the road on bicycle. According to new study, 32 percent of drivers say they become more patient with cyclists since lockdown, with these figures rising to 51 per cent in Delhi. This is complemented by 36 percent of cyclists claiming they have noticed driers showing more respect and consideration towards them on road

The survey taken on 1000 drivers and 1000 cyclists showed that before lock down the drivers are very frustrated towards the cyclists, also drivers says that cyclists thinks that they own the road they can do whatsoever they want to things like they just turn without any signal, jumps red light, move in bulk like a gang or something. Same reactions were noticed by the cyclists towards drivers like they change lanes rapidly, honk behind us for no reason, they kind a like it to be disrespectful towards the cyclists. Many cyclists say that this is due to the bikers 

This research conducted to increase awareness between the drivers and cyclists moving on roads, despite the friction amongst these motorists, it is important to remember that safety of each group relies on the action of others.

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