During this Diwali as well the offers and attractive discounts are available in each and every sector of the market including automotive sector as well. As seen on every festive period many brands give their best prices and discounts to their customers. Many mass manufacturers have already announced their discounts on their Indian line up Toyota India is no exception as Toyota is Asia’s most trusted brand and it has been keeping up that way since the start.

  • Attractive Discounts on compact SUV’s
  • Cash discounts of Rs20,000 addition to corporate discounts  Rs5,000
  • Exchange bonus up to Rs20,000

Toyota is offering numerous discounts on few of their vehicles, namely Glanza, urban cruiser, Yaris, Innova Crysta. Discounts are given below:-

Toyota Glanza

Glanza Currently is the most affordable vehicle in Japanese carmaker’s Indian line up. It was introduced last year, and its actually the rebadged version of Maruti Suzuki Baleno as per deal between Toyota and Suzuki in 2018. It comes with same engine and transmission option as Maruti Suzuki Baleno. The Glanza is available with a cash discounts of Rs15,000 along with an exchange bonus of Rs10,000 and Rs5,000 bonus.  

Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris is not so popular vehicle of its segment, even though its very fewer selling units, the vehicle is quite attractive and economical vehicle available in the segment. To further increase its growth, manufacturer are offering very striking discounts. The Yaris available with cash discount of Rs20,000 with exchange bonus of Rs20,000 and a corporate discount of Rs20,000 for selected customers as well.

Toyota urban cruiser

The urban cruiser is also a rebadge version of Maruti Suzuki Brezza, it was introduced just last month and its selling figures are quite impressive. Further more the vehicle is recently launched that’s why manufacturer are currently giving no discounts on urban cruiser, although an exchange discount of Rs20,000 is available for urban cruiser.

Toyota Innova crysta

The Innova crysta is very popular vehicle in India after Toyota Fortuner, and constantly giving great figures in sales year on year. Its facelift is recently introduced in foreign market Indonesia and will be debuting by start of 2021. Manufacturer are offering brilliant offers on current model which includes Rs15,000 of cash discounts with Rs20,000 corporate discounts and up to Rs30,000+ of exchange bonus.

Modelcash discountExchange + corporate discounts
GlanzaRs15,000Rs10,000 + Rs5,000
YarisRs20,000Rs20,000 + Rs20,000
Urban cruiser Rs20,000
Innova crystaRs15,000Rs30,000 + Rs20,000

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