2021 is just around the corner with only a day left and with the ending year, we also get the Automobile Scam 2020-Dilip Chhabria the Designer and founder of the first Indian supercar DC Avanti arrested by Mumbai police.

 Dilip Chhabria the founder of the DC Design studio and DC Avanti on 30 December 2020 get arrested by Mumbai police. Chhabria was arrested under the IPC section 420 which deals with cheating and Dishonesty with a maximum sentence of 7 years. According to India today’s reports this scam can be considered of at least Rs 40cr with the actual value still under calculation.

DC Avanti Automobile SCAM 2020

Dilip Chhabria first came into the news with its DC Avanti which was claimed to be India’s first supercar. And as grand was the launch the sales were nowhere near it with the company only managed to sell as many as 127 units before the car was withdrawn from the market.

Reason for the arrest for DC Avanti Automobile Scam 2020

The reason for the arrest said by Mumbai police was, Chhabria allegedly sold many of its Avanti supercars with the same chassis and engine number which according to the law is a crime. The company also bought many of its own cars posing as a unique customer and availed loan for it from NBFC and further sold those cars to third party clients.

This approach acted as a loophole in the system and this helped the company evade taxes and GST. As per the report by the police the company managed to sell about 90 of the total 127 cars in this fashion.

This whole scam came into presence when Mumbai police cornered a DC Avanti possessor who was had original documents for his car. While further interrogating the topic, the police came to know that there was another car in Haryana with the same engine and chassis number. And on further digging deep into the topic police also found that there were multiple loans on the same car, averaging about Rs 42 lakh per car. The police also stated that there were multiple tips on this case given by VIPs including one Bollywood actor.