Car repair or maintenance is an important phase of your car that can cost you way worse than you have imagined, and it is the worst time for you if you don’t have much knowledge about the repaired part. Once the mechanic sees your lack of knowledge it then opens his box of scams which may seem beneficial from what they make you see but are actually useless for you.

There are many ways in which the mechanic or the Repair shop can rip you off like

  • High prices
  • Problem not fixed properly
  • Repairs that will need their assistance soon enough
  • Adding useless services and many more

There are some scams that the owners should be aware of as the repairs shops some times will tend you to buys things that will make your car extra safe and some might be thinking a way to scam you.

Here are some common scams that can be avoided.

  1. The Recommendations – have you ever gone to buy just a burger and returned with a full meal that’s what is called a upsell or the recommendation where the auto repair shops try to sell you the services that may not be needing now or in the future but looks flashy, the best time of this is when you go for a routine oil change.

The common technique is where they will ask to replace the radiator coolant which in reality does not erode or wears out like other oils. The radiator coolant can work fine till 2 to 3 Lakh kms.

  1. Air filter change – this is another smart scam where the mechanic will show you a dirty air filter that is most probably not yours and is only kept to trick naive customers. You should always check that the air filter is yours or not and should know when your filter needs replacement.

Basically, there are 2 types of air filter

  • To keep the engine air clean form dust
  • To keep the air in the passenger cabin clean

     Both of these filters can be replaced by the owners without much hassle on every 25 to 30 thousand kms.

  1. Buying new tires for a flat – Always think before buying new tires for a flat or a puncture, as long as your tires tread are in good conditions there is no need for a replacement as most punchers can be patched with a least cost. A new pair of tires will cost you few thousand rupees while getting a patch to your tire will work perfectly fine with just a minimal cost.
  2. Used parts portrayed as new – if you are paying much extra for a new part make sure the part placed by the mechanic is the new one not any used part of any other car, so always ask to see the part before getting that installed, and always make sure that it’s an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) part.


  1. Fuel injector maintenance – the mechanic may show you a dirt fuel injector and tell you to clean it and advice you to clean the injector every 25 to 30 thousand kms, just don’t believe it. check your manufacturers manual before it. Nowadays the Gasoline contains detergent to keep fuel injectors clean and most fuel injectors are advice to be replaced 50,000kms and that too seems too often.
  1. Don’t pay for things that will last till your car’s life – do not fall for their scams when they tell you to replace transmission fluid, filters, brake pads or anything else that is supposed to last for the car’s lifetime.


  1. Frequent oil changes – If you go to a service center or a mechanic that specializes in oil replacement for your car, you will be likely getting SMSs or calls suggesting you to return after 6000kms. That might have been true if you would be driving 2 decades ago, nowadays cars are made better and to be less repair needed so you do not need to change the oil that often. Many manufacturers advice to change oil after 10-12 thousand kms and for precise time and distance refer to the manufacturer’s manual.

Always take a note of whatever work you get done on your car, you should always get a written evaluation of the cost and be sure that no work is done before you approve it.