Car technology is a segment in India which is pacing up in recent years, with some tech. like LED cluster, phone connectivity, wireless engine starting and stop, Auto climate, apps, and many more. Even the mechanical parts under the hood are more powerful and are equipped with advanced technologies. Although, cars in India do register amazing sale numbers if it gives a better fuel economy. However, it takes a lot of time and sweat to build an engine, and one has to also consider the factors affecting it like proper performance, sufficient fuel economy, reliability, and one also has to consider a low service cost for the future. However, for such a lengthy calculation, a lot of money and time will be spent. So, in order to keep things low on budget, many manufacturers use the same powertrain in many of their different offerings. Here, we have put together, cars that share the same powertrain: –

  1. Renault Kwid and Triber

As of now, many companies use the same powertrain for their products in different segments with the same tune. But Renault takes this technique to a whole another level, as it uses the 1.0 Litre three-cylinder petrol engine, but in different tunes. As Triber develops 71 HP of power and 96 Nm of torque, and Kwid generates 67 HP of power and 91 Nm of torque. But if we compared the segment space in which vehicles are positioned, then it is far more complicated as Triber positioned in the MPV segment, while the Kwid in the entry-level compact hatchback; which is a drastic step.

cars that shares the same powertrain
DUal-Tone Triber

2. Maruti Suzuki Celerio and WagonR

Another case that shares the same powertrain is Celerio and WagonR. However, both are the entry-level offerings from their different space, one is a tall boy hatchback, and another is a more sophisticated and simpler design. Both cars use the same 1.0 litre naturally aspirated petrol engine, which belts out 67HP of power and 90 Nm of torque. While WagonR is also available with a 1.2 Litre engine.

cars that shares the same powertrain

3. Hyundai Grand I10 Nios and Verna

Another Duo is from the Korean automaker’s portfolio, Hyundai Verna sedan, and Grand I10 Nios hatchback. Both cars get a 1.0 Litre three-cylinder GDI turbo petrol engine but in a different tune state. The former Verna develops 120 PS of power and 172 Nm of torque, while the latter Grand I10 Nios develops 100 PS of power and 172 Nm of torque. Although, Verna has other engine options as well.

cars that shares the same powertrain
Hyundai verna facelift launched on May 2020 with some mere changes and new engine option was added

4. Nissan Magnite and Renault Kiger

Renault and Nissan are two other companies but when it comes to the main international platform both belong to the same firm. So, in terms of vehicles and engines both feature almost the same things as well. Both Magnite and Kiger were launched recently and both feature the same 1.0 Litre NA petrol and 1.0 Litre Turbo petrol. In which Turbo petrol engine develops 100 PS of power and 160 Nm of torque for both the cars. Along, with the engine, both share the same platform as well.

cars that shares the same powertrain
cars that shares same powertrain

5. Hyundai Creta and Kia Sonet

Another Duo which shares the same firm but has two different names and company. The Diesel engine shares between Mid-Size SUV Creta and last year’s launch compact SUV Sonet, which develops the same power and torque. A 1.5 Litre four-cylinder diesel engine generates 115 PS of power and 250 Nm of torque. Another interesting thing about this engine is it only available with an automatic torque converter transmission system only.

the all new KIA sonet
cas shares the same powertrain

6. Tata Altroz and Tiago

 The homegrown automaker Tata is not known for its more refined petrol engine, that’s why tata uses almost the same petrol engine in different models. Two hatchbacks from the company Altroz and Tiago share the same powertrain, a 1.2 Litre NA petrol engine, which belts out 86 PS of power and 113 Nm of torque. Also, both the cars sit with the same state engine tune.

Tata Altroz registered a massive 63 percent sales growth Jan 2021
IN this image the piano black ORVM with chrome accent glance astounding

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